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i'm tami. 94line, college student, fangirl, dreamer.
i have a fluctuate list for some life ruiner called bias and also a bunch of otps i won't be tired of shipping.
i stan jyp, pledis, starship, rookies and nugus (and mostly boy groups)
writing fanfic is a way to relieve my stress, actually, if not adding one. i'd be glad to share my ideas and discuss things about writing and such, so don't hesitate to talk to me on twitter or tumblr! i don't bite, unless you're too cute it can't be helped :3

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doyoon, wonwoo

exo; we found love (right where we are)

Title : We Found Love (Right Where We Are)
Fandom : EXO
Pairing : Xiumin/Luhan
Rating : PG
Length : 2737 words
Summary : Luhan and Minseok found themselves in each other's arms roughly six years ago. It doesn't change even today, either for better or worse.
a/n: first time writing exo after 273992 years, be gentle. title from That ed sheeran's song, ofc.

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haikyuu!!; 信じています

Title : 信じています
Fandom : Haikyuu!!
Pairing : Futakuchi Kenji/Moniwa Kaname
Length : 2k words
Summary : “Even when everything seems uncertain for you,” Moniwa whispers softly, “just remember that I’ve always got your back. And that’s the only thing you need to believe to keep moving forward, Kenji.”
Warning : may contain spoiler of un-aired episode. don't say i didn't warn you.

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got7; body on me

Title : Body on Me
Fandom : GOT7
Pairing : Yugyeom/Bambam
Length : 2545 words
Summary : It’s Yugyeom’s birthday, and Bambam wants it to be special.
Warning : CHOKER. THIS HAS TO BE A WARNING. Voyeurism, brief mention of gang bang and multiple orgasm denial, slight breathplay.
A/N: This is mostly PWP tho. let's not talk about this again hahahahashdaksdlk

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seventeen; fall for you (1/2)

Title : Fall for You
Fandom : Seventeen
Pairing : Joshua/DK, past!Joshua/Jeonghan
Length : 10.6k words
Summary : Vocal Group!AU. Jisoo finds himself fighting for the loud and cheerful boy harder than he could ever imagine.

A/N: I can't stop thinking about how C U T E Seokmin's and Jisoo's parts during Mansae, and decided to do something. By something I mean a 10k fic that was actually started with "Jisoo likes Seokmin's voice, and likes him just a little bit more". smh at me.

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